Wedding Cake

Couples who are planning to get married in 2015 are attempting to bring more personality and individualism more than ever. This personal feeling can be seen in 2015many of the trends that are surfacing in 2015 and the wedding cake is no exemption. The cakes are becoming as unique as the couple who is getting married

Cake Colors
wC8zEOHThere are a variety and dramatically different colors that are surfacing as being a popular cake colors this year. Thanks to Pantone and its color pick of the year, Marsala will be featured on many cakes this year. This color is known for its warmth and seductive nature. It also complements a variety of colors, making it a fun color to work with.

Black has slowly begun to be a popular color choice for weddings and it is now showing up on cakes. There is something dramatic about a black cake that is used as a background to showcase some bright and dramatic colors used in flowers or other decorative choices. Chalkboard cakes are continuing to gain in popularity among brides.

wedding-cakes-4-03132014nyMetallic color cakes are also going to be popular as well. We, in general, are fascinated with royalty and everyone can be queen on their big day with a gold cake. Real gold leaf is being used to cover wedding cakes as well as hand painting gold designs onto the tiers to give the cake a glamorous look. A gold cake will make a hot strong statement and while silver tends to be cool, it too is popular for cakes and will make just as much as an impression as gold.

Make a Statement
hangCakes that make some kind of bold statement are more popular than ever. One of the newest cakes in this category is the hanging cake. Yes, couples are now hanging their cakes. Cakes can be hung in the style of a chandelier. To make more of a wow statement, colorful flowers are added.

squareCakes are also getting their inspired from geometric designs. There are two ways that this technique can be incorporated to the overall cake. The design can be a bold statement that covers the whole cake or smaller designs can be incorporated into the overall design of the cake.

Hand painted cakes make a statement of beauty. It is amazing how beautiful watercolors can be on a fondant background. These kinds of cakes are truly a piece of art.

Flowers are nothing new to cakes but it is the type of flowers that are being used that are making cakes more personal. Wildflowers are gaining in popular for flowers being used in weddings. Wildflowers can be used as a cake topper or sugar wild flowers can be used all over the cake for a more delicate look. Also, color is everything when choosing flowers for the cake. Flowers that are bold in color and that seem to make a statement all on their own seem to be gaining in popularity.

CAKKEEEEThere is no doubt that some of these cakes will come with a big price tag. However, one of the biggest trends in weddings this year is individualism. Also, you need to make sure you are picking the right photographer that will capture the beauty of all of the details you envisioned.  These Scottsdale Wedding photographers listen to your unique wedding photo ideas and stay committed to your vision. If there is an idea that appeals to you, take it and make it yours.