How to Buy Your Very First Guitar

This is the year you are finally going to do it, you’re going to finally learn to play the guitar.  One problem though…you don’t actually own a guitar.  So you’re ready to go shopping and get your first guitar, the only problem is, you know very little about buying a guitar.  We’ve got you covered!  Let us show you how to buy your very first guitar.

What type of guitar

The type of guitar you choose will ultimately depend on the type of music that you want to learn to play.  An electric guitar is going require that you get an amp too.  If you plan to be the next rock n roll star then this is the type of guitar you want.  Acoustic guitars on the other hand play a more clear and distinct sound.  If Jazz, Folk or Blues is more your thing then the acoustic guitar will be perfect for you.  Classic guitars sound a little more mellow and this is more commonly found in Folk music.

The strings

As a beginner be fair warned you are going to have sore fingers after practicing.  Nylon strings will be slightly easier on your fingertips in the beginning.  Your fingertips will eventually develop calluses and that is a good thing, it will make playing a whole lot easier.  For the beginner start with medium light gauge strings for your acoustic guitar.  As you progress and get better you will try different strings and develop your own preferences.

The neck

You probably don’t realize but the width of the neck will also be a factor in the guitar you choose.  Classic guitars will have a thicker neck and it could be a bit of a challenge for a beginner with small hands.  Acoustic guitars will have a narrower neck and be easier to play.  The height of the strings from the neck will also be a factor, the higher they are the harder they are to press down and get the sound you want.

The case

If you want to transport your guitar around safely then you definitely need a case for it.  The case provides protection for your guitar and there are two different options, soft case or hard.  The soft case is fabric and padding and it has a zipper opening to slide the guitar in and out.  The hard case is much heavier but it will protect your guitar from pretty much everything.  Of the two the soft cover will cost you less but it doesn’t give you anywhere near the protection of the hard shell.  The choice will depend on your lifestyle and whether you will playing away from home often.

The price

The price of a guitar can run the gamut from a few dollars all the way into the tens of thousands.  If you’re a beginner trying the guitar for the first time a custom built guitar isn’t necessary.  You can even pick up a half decent one second hand.

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