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GuitarJamz Review – Is it The Best Way to Learn Guitar?

Playing guitar is not only interesting but also one of the best ways to relax. However, the kind of training you get on how to play your guitar can to a great extent determine how you enjoy playing your guitar.

Choosing the right tutor with experience in coaching guitar lessons can save your coaching time and cost.

What are the benefits of getting your Guitarjamz membership?

Note GuitarJamz is one of its kings in terms of effective and popularity as the best guitar training program. Check out this review of the guitar jams online learning program to consider some of the important things before making a purchase of your Guitarjamz membership.

I have done this review about GuitarJamz to guide you on what is offered and if it is worthy of your investments.

The Guitarjamz tutor extensive experience has not only helped this program retain competitive on the top position but also it’s always proud to train professional and beginners class GuitarJamz classes for beginners

Thousands of our satisfied customers are proof of our good reputation from customers all around away. Our lessons are scheduled in such a way that the students can evaluate their performance progress which is the best way of boosting your self-esteem.

Additionally, each section has been explained slowly thus giving you adequate time to understand all the concepts and double-checking.

One way of mastering and been successful in learning how to play guitar is through mastering all guitar playing concepts that is why I recommended you to join the beginner’s class to get training by experienced tutors.

GuitarJamz lessons for intermediate class guitar players

Although most lessons taught by GuitarJamz are limited, they are solid and worth your time and money. Once you pass your beginners level lessons you start your next level of training immediately.

All the guitar playing styles are covered both in theory and practical demonstrations which are always a huge plus.

GuitarJamz lessons for advanced players or the experienced guitarists.

Marty being an experienced and extraordinary guitar player has the best lessons that have proofed to be of great importance even to the good experience guitar players.

Marty will emphasize students’ efficient and persistent training to master complicated guitar techniques or the rhythms of the complicated songs which can be sometimes challenging to the less trained students.

What does GuitarJamz offer on the 12 bar blues forms?

  1. Various slide guitars playing techniques such as string muting and bending.
  2. Phrasing, guitar chord leading, multiple levels of blues licks and scales.
  3. Ways and styles of playing Rock, Jimmy Hendrix, Texas Stevie among many others.
  4. Playing various tempo and tones, medium blues, slow blues, fast blues tracks at the same time.
  5. AC DC, ZZ Top, Funk Blues, Allman among others.
  6. Playing together with other blues players.

How much does training at GuitarJamz cost?

Visiting the site for the first time you will get three days free trial to which can enable you to decide if this tutoring is suitable for you or not.

Activating the free trial is simple via your email hence no credit card required. You will also receive a 50% discount added to your coupon thus you can access over 2000 lessons for all beginners.

One month unlimited lessons you will be charged as little as $29, while three months goes for $75 only.


Audio Mastering – A Quick Definition

The world of music today is getting bigger and bigger, and with this growth comes the need to be able to stand out, unless you want to drown out by the rest right from the get-go.

This is the reason why it is important to ensure that your music, no matter what genre it is, undergoes all the necessary processes to polish it from start to finish.

One of the most important steps of music production is none other than audio mastering. But, what is audio mastering, and what difference can it make to your tracks?

Audio Mastering Defined

Audio mastering is known and understood as the last editing work required for a completed audio production, wherein most are available in the form of stereo data.

The main role of a mater audio engineer is to completely concentrate and focus on fine-tuning the musical composition’s overall sound to make sure that it will be having the best and most optimal sound that it could get prior to the official distribution.

It could be achieved through blending together the stereo files to form a homogenous sounding aesthetic.

The Processes Can Differ from One Medium to Another

Many audio mastering features are completely technical processes that can differ depending on the specific targeted media format.

For instance, for a CD release, the templates are made for the process of replication but these steps will not be required if a digital download version is preferred.

But, when it comes to a release on vinyl, there are still some other things that must be considered to ensure that it will suit the media.

Quality Control and Editing

When it comes to the process of audio mastering, the utilization of equalizers is one aspect of the correction of sound since the dynamic processor will equalize the perceived volume of every track.

Some other usual undertakings that are involved in the mastering procedure include the editing of songs to the right order, setting of track markers, as well as setting fades of each track.

To top it all, the mastering engineer must serve as the main technical quality control, looking for sounds like distortion or clicks, and intervening either with audio restoration or through direct consultation with customers.

Audio Mastering and Its Role in Refining the Indie Productions

It seems that with the productions made within the walls of small project studios, there is always the tendency to have some excessively emphasized bands of frequency in the mix because of the nuances that are not up to the par or the non-optimized acoustic studio.

With the help of audio mastering, it is made possible to counteract this kind of mixing mistakes.

Giving assistance to the independent productions with a fresh ear and special attention, the trustworthiness and experience of an audio mastering engineer can bring forth some excellent possibilities when it comes to the improvement of quality control.

The next time you make some music, make sure that you pass it on to an expert in audio mixing for the final finishing touches.


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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

How long does it take to learn guitar? A question asked by many people who have a passion of being a guitarist. Whether you playing the guitar for the first time or someone who lost direction in the process, the time taken to learn a guitar is down to luck and the best part of it is that you can make your own luck.

Learning a guitar is a relative process and depends on the motivation and consistency you have towards the whole process: in most cases, some people are more inclined to music than others, and some learn at a faster pace.

The best way to know how long does it take to learn guitar is the Internet or ask a guitar instructor. Both the Internet and a guitar instructor will allow you to go at a right pace, put more effort on challenging areas of development repeatedly, get more inspiration and learn whichever style you desire.

The easiest and detailed way to answer this question is by exploring the three categories below of soon to be guitar player:

Category- 1: An inspired guitarist who every day is in the guitar course class practicing consistently for at least 1-2 hours a day.

Category- 2: An aspiring guitarist practicing every other day for at least 30 minutes with inconsistency due to his/her work schedule. Sometimes this person can go for as much as a week without touching the guitar and two to four hours get wasted in between the sessions.

Category- 3: A guitarist who picks up the guitar at any time with no set plan or schedule, he/she hasn’t made a commitment because of a variety of reasons like school schedule or crazy work and is looking for a miracle to happen for learning in the shortest and quickest amount of time possible.

david phelps guitar

Below are the answers of how long does it take to learn guitar for the categories mentioned above:

Category- 1: This guy, with the right guide, course or taking personal lessons will be able to come across and play a variety of chords within the first two months and learn firmly the basic understanding of playing the guitar.

This person will be able to easily play at least one song from the beginning to the end regardless of whether playing a fairly easy guitar solo for at least 8 measures or playing just chords to the song. In one year time, this person should be looking to play in a band or forming his/her own group.

Category- 2: This person, within two months, will be able to strum a song from start to end clumsily but will probably make a number of mistakes and get stuck while getting through a single song.

He/she will still be encouraged because will be progressing but slower than category 1 guy. In one year time, this person will easily play a three-song set to friends without much problem but won’t progress any further unless he/she take a course to seriously advance guitar playing.

Category- 3: In two months time, this person will be scratching his/her head wondering why guitar playing is that difficult. In one year time, this person will be able to strum at least one song without embarrassment in front of his/her friends or family when someone says, “ Hey, do you know how to play the guitar? Entertain us with one song please!”

Many people get stuck on the way due to mediocrity or the enthusiasm they have for the ways they have chosen to learn a guitar. Famous guitarists we see today would have lost hope if they found that learning a guitar was boring. Your dedication and commitment will propel you to the next level and realize your dream at a faster pace.

So, how long does it take to learn guitar? The amount of time taken to learn a guitar depends on what you term to be the end result. If you plan to learn it in 12 months then that is long enough to become a competent and confident guitarist.

Let your passion and motivation drive you to practice, with time you will see improvement through proper practice and not just practice. The question is, are you confident to join a band or form a group after learning?