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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

How long does it take to learn guitar? A question asked by many people who have a passion of being a guitarist. Whether you playing the guitar for the first time or someone who lost direction in the process, the time taken to learn a guitar is down to luck and the best part of it is that you can make your own luck.

Learning a guitar is a relative process and depends on the motivation and consistency you have towards the whole process: in most cases, some people are more inclined to music than others, and some learn at a faster pace.

The best way to know how long does it take to learn guitar is the Internet or ask a guitar instructor. Both the Internet and a guitar instructor will allow you to go at a right pace, put more effort on challenging areas of development repeatedly, get more inspiration and learn whichever style you desire.

The easiest and detailed way to answer this question is by exploring the three categories below of soon to be guitar player:

Category- 1: An inspired guitarist who every day is in the guitar course class practicing consistently for at least 1-2 hours a day.

Category- 2: An aspiring guitarist practicing every other day for at least 30 minutes with inconsistency due to his/her work schedule. Sometimes this person can go for as much as a week without touching the guitar and two to four hours get wasted in between the sessions.

Category- 3: A guitarist who picks up the guitar at any time with no set plan or schedule, he/she hasn’t made a commitment because of a variety of reasons like school schedule or crazy work and is looking for a miracle to happen for learning in the shortest and quickest amount of time possible.

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Below are the answers of how long does it take to learn guitar for the categories mentioned above:

Category- 1: This guy, with the right guide, course or taking personal lessons will be able to come across and play a variety of chords within the first two months and learn firmly the basic understanding of playing the guitar.

This person will be able to easily play at least one song from the beginning to the end regardless of whether playing a fairly easy guitar solo for at least 8 measures or playing just chords to the song. In one year time, this person should be looking to play in a band or forming his/her own group.

Category- 2: This person, within two months, will be able to strum a song from start to end clumsily but will probably make a number of mistakes and get stuck while getting through a single song.

He/she will still be encouraged because will be progressing but slower than category 1 guy. In one year time, this person will easily play a three-song set to friends without much problem but won’t progress any further unless he/she take a course to seriously advance guitar playing.

Category- 3: In two months time, this person will be scratching his/her head wondering why guitar playing is that difficult. In one year time, this person will be able to strum at least one song without embarrassment in front of his/her friends or family when someone says, “ Hey, do you know how to play the guitar? Entertain us with one song please!”

Many people get stuck on the way due to mediocrity or the enthusiasm they have for the ways they have chosen to learn a guitar. Famous guitarists we see today would have lost hope if they found that learning a guitar was boring. Your dedication and commitment will propel you to the next level and realize your dream at a faster pace.

So, how long does it take to learn guitar? The amount of time taken to learn a guitar depends on what you term to be the end result. If you plan to learn it in 12 months then that is long enough to become a competent and confident guitarist.

Let your passion and motivation drive you to practice, with time you will see improvement through proper practice and not just practice. The question is, are you confident to join a band or form a group after learning?

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